For quite a lot of busy professionals, the very theme of “work life balance” could have seemed like a moron. Is it even possible to manage the competitive edge of the work while nurturing your healthy personal life? Believe it or not, the answer is a resonant yes, and a proper psychological connection could have been the key.

Everyday, from over the world, real people are performing seemingly impossible task of juggling their personal and professional responsibilities. If they can do that, you also can do. Take a leap of faith, try to develop better psychological connections. You would achieve both work life balance and happiness.

An all-rounder doctor

When Steve Smith, a doctor at one of the busiest hospitals in York, decided to open up his business, he did not quit his job. Instead, he did the opposite and he enrolled as a post graduate student in an MBA program and kept working.

Steve, 31, is the specimen of a fast-paced entrepreneur. While he is covering long shifts in the hospitals, he also is attending his first year classes at Harvard Business school and working to build up his start up business, “Stopby”.

StopBy is a package delivery service that caters people’s requirement with busy schedule. The company delivers packages between 7 P.M. and midnight and the clients need not to worry about their package being stolen during the busy schedule of the working hours.

However, having a full-time job, being a student in the business schools and starting up a business, didn’t stop Steve. He even decided to start his own family. As the family was by his side from the beginning, even he is going to be a father soon.

All along the way, what drives him to manage all at once. The answer simple from Steve. When asked, he answered that the happiness of his family is his happiness and there is very little thing he could not do to watch them happy.

Image result for work life balance and psychological connectionWork life balance and psychological connection

So, you got your answer, I hope. All Steve had was his family and that boosted his morale to thrive for more and to manage busy work schedule and life altogether. Though he had a touch of in-depth psychological connection with his wife and his unborn child. A psychological connection was the key.

You could also take good lessons from Steve’s life and try to have a psychological connection. It does not have to be with your wife and son. Yet, you got to hold on to something to thrive more and to achieve work-life balance and happiness altogether.

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