“Leadership is not that kind of trait that you are usually born with, rather it could be manifested at different verticals of life”- Ruth

“Born leader” facts are completely a myth. If you would like to know my perspective, I would say, it is basically a conscious reflection of certain set of attitudes that emerges within your conscious self in various circumstances to improve brand image, develop business success and scheme sustainable growth with proper help of the employees. Let us look how you could teach yourself to be a great leader.


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Teach yourself to be a great leader

Leadership involves great power that has to be utilized accordingly to generate perfect result for the organizations. It would provide legitimate power, information power, reward-giving power and information power. Now you have to possess the ability to utilize those powers.  

A leader also has charismatic power, expert opinion providing power, connection building power and referent power. If you could obtain the ability to display those powers in complex situation to improve the business results, only then you would be a great leader.

The internal focus to charismatic leadership

There are a few certain focuses that you ought to deliver to become a great leader. Among them, situational leadership, team engagement and work delegation are the most important ones. Situational leadership greatly depends upon your expertise and creativity. It is no easy task to deal with the unknown. Yet, whenever you will be able to accomplish that successfully, your organization ought to bloom, both economically and spiritedly. Successful team engagement lets you unfold another important aspect of true leadership. Clear, crisp and open communication is the key to it. Moreover, it is important to divide the works according to the traits of the employees. A leader cannot perform accomplish anything alone. That is why work delegation should be treated with utmost caution.     

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