We often hear this term ‘work life balance’ but we may not always understand its importance. Of course, money is very important and everyone needs to do some work to keep the cash flow going. Easy Internet access and mobile phones have made it even more challenging to cut off from work after you leave the office premises. In fact, it has become a common expectation that one stays online for most of the day. There is nothing wrong with using technology to our advantage but we must know where to stop. Before you figure out how to do it, let us understand why do we need work-life balance.

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Outclassing paybacks of work life balance

Well, no matter how much you love your work, you need time off to ‘sharpen your axe’, relax and rejuvenate to get back to work again. Activities other than work improve your productivity, sometimes give you a fresh perspective and keep you happy. When you invest time in your health and relationships, it pays in the long run. You get stability and can devote your time and energy into your work peacefully.

Keeping a good balance between work and social life effects one’s mental health too. It is found that we can take care of our everyday stress by talking to friends or even by spending some time alone. With that done, our mindfulness increases, we can concentrate better on the task at hand and get it done in a much better way. An emotionally stable person is an asset to any team. They can communicate better and hence perform better too.

Here are three key action steps you can take today to achieve well-distinguished and plausible paybacks of work life balance

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1. Every now and then, never bother to take a little bit of time off, “sharpen your axe”

2. Relax and rejuvenate to get to work again with regained enthusiasm

3. Invest some time to your health and relationship, as it pays off a great deal in the long-run

Well, if you really like to do better at work, take some time off and see the difference.

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