Simple, yet effective keys to leadership

There are many attributes that contribute towards a person becoming a good leader. Apart from the technicalities, there are many personal traits that make the leaders popular and influential. Apart from understanding and relatability, there is one essential trait that separates the leaders from the non-leader. This is called ‘Walking the talk’. You might be a very good orator, people may laugh at your jokes, like your ideas and give you standing ovations but if you do not practice what you preach, what you say will not be effective.

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It is simple psychology, observe yourself when you listen to other people. More often than not, you subconsciously make out if a person is genuine or is just playing with words. If you see a respected person saying one thing and doing the other, don’t you tend to lose respect? Would you like such a person to lead you? Of course not. If we try to follow such people, we tend to get confused when we actually need to be sure in order to succeed.

Here are three action steps to achieve great leadership skills

1. Be your own follower

2. Believe in your ideas

3. Practice openly what you Preach

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It is as simple as that. If you cannot follow someone who does not walk the talk, you cannot lead unless you walk the talk yourself. You have to be your own follower first. Then the others follow. By following the rules, principles and procedures you set, you gain credibility and trust of other people. They understand that you believe in what you say and it is easier for them to believe in it too. Everyone has great ideas but it is the leader who believes in them and practices what he or she preaches.

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