Why is it so hard to find the proper equilibrium? Why is it so hard to achieve work life balance and happiness? Maybe you are not adaptable enough.

If you are reading this, you definitely are like a lot of people who are interested in work life balance and are convinced that this can lead you to a sense of fulfillment, happiness and more meaningful life. Yet, to achieve work life balance, it is more important that you implement everything what is written in here in your working life, otherwise all will be in vain.

We may have known a lot of crucial factors to work life balance which may include equal balance and the capability to make choices between work and life. Better work life balance also depends upon the pursuit of satisfaction in both life and work. However, did you consider adaptability? Let me tell you a story.

Rebecca, 59, a businesswoman, artist and a care giver for her old father

It could get very difficult to maintain a healthy work life balance and caring about little children. Yet, it might get even more difficult to look after your old parents and maintaining a better work life balance.

However, for Rebecca, 59, a real estate developer as well as an investor in Kansas, nurturing a business and elderly parent go by hand in hand. Several months ago, she started to taking care of her 87-year old father, as her mother passed away few moths back.

Now she had to find a way to balance her work and new responsibility that comes with time-to-time medication and several other sorts of care giving as well. All of them might seem impossible at the very first glance, yet Rebecca found a way to manage all and if Rebecca could do it, so could you.

Rebecca used to work in an office, yet now she is working from home and she ran a small mall closer to her house. She is attaining the meetings from that mall, from where she could watch over her father, as her father sat by the window of a road-faced second floor.

When asked, Rebecca told that this is all about adaptability and the ability to adapt in a new situation, which is no less difficult than facing new challenges while running a business.

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Work life balance is all about proper adaptability and balancing

It is undoubtedly true that work life balance is all about proper balancing between work and life. However, to accomplish that, you ought to adapt well to every possible hurdle that may come by.

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