A healthy relationship could help to achieve better work life balance and a better work life balance would improve our well-being significantly. As a topic, the work life balance is a lousy and a broad one indeed. Any single definition could not bind a work life balance and the definition of work life balance could vary from individual to individual. Yet, one thing for sure could be in common and that is a healthy relationship and its impact over better work life balance.

If you are in a healthy relationship, your life would be in a perfect order and you would be able to achieve a perfect balance between working life and personal life. In accession, you would be able to schedule separate time for your personal life and your personal life won’t be distorted by the busy working life, as you have a partner to take care of, to pass quality time with and to lead a better life altogether. Let me share a story.

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A lovely couple

Brian and Beth Whitefield, a couple and entrepreneur, based in CA, are the proud owners of four business. They have two children as well, yet they have managed to find out time for their kids and themselves. How was it possible?

This couple run a hair salon, two business consultancy firms and a bitcoin management firm. Long before they were business owners, they became love birds during studying in the colleges and they ended up marrying each other.

Brian was an ex-marine and he worked three part-time jobs when he was studying to earn his college degree. Beth also had part time jobs, seven days a week, yet her parents were a little bit rich and could afford the college education. But, Beth had to work for their conjugal living during studying in the college.

These love birds had a long story of understanding and time management. They do understand each other in such way that no one ever could and it is important to maintain a healthy work life balance. When asked how they were able to manage such level of work life balance, they both told that they still enjoy their company and above all, this couple has the motto, “family first”.

The ultimate fact for a better work life balance while being in a relationship

If they could manage running four businesses and still find out times for their own, you could too. However, there is a small, “notion you have to reconsider”. Your partner must have to like minded. Indeed, a better relationship could help you to thrive for more and you would also have to manage time for your relation. It does not matter how you do, but if you are in a relationship, you will be able to manage, and that is how the rules of relationship works.

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To the bottom lines

It is certain that a love story is better that a work life balance story. Yet, if I am saying that both of those are connected, how would you react? You might think how it is possible to lead a relationship and to achieve a work life balance altogether. You might think that your relationship might ruin your work life balance. Yet, the fact quite opposite and a contrarian view would help you to understand things properly, as a lovely relationship would help you to schedule your time in an orderly manner and you would be able to divide your time accordingly. While being in a relationship, as you have to manage empty times for your beloved ones, you will have to complete your works in an orderly manner and you won’t be mixing family life with working life. That is why, it is important for every working professional to maintain a healthy relationship to achieve a better work life balance.