Although there is a worldwide quest for a perfect work life balance, very few people were able to find it. However, in order to find out the proper work life balance, you ought to have a perfect definition in your mind, at the very beginning. A proven and meaningful definition would positively impact your everyday balance and work value. 

How to define work life balance

Let us look at first what is not work life balance, yet lots of people believe them to be the definition of work life balance. 

  • Work life balance is not an equal balance (it could never have been)
  • Your personal work life balance would vary from time to time
  • There is no perfectly shaped one sized work life balance awaiting for you anywhere in the world (you ought to learn to live on with it)

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Defining work life balance 

In order to define work life balance, you got to understand and evaluate the core principles of it and it lies in the daily achievement and enjoyment. 

All of you should understand the meaning of achievement and, yet it may vary from individual to individual. You got to define your own achievement, none can do it for you. On the other hand, enjoyment largely depends on work, family, friends and self. 

Simply put, perfect work life balance could be referred to a proper balance of everyday achievement and enjoyment, where enjoyment could be achieved by passing more quality times with your family, friends and self. Once you start to focus on the components of work life balance, those are not too hard to achieve. So, make it happen, and make it happen now! You got to make it happen for yourself, for your family and for each and every people you care about.  

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