A challenge that all leaders face sometime in their lives is finding the balance between humility and assertiveness. When other people look up to you as a leader, the expect you to take difficult decisions, resolve conflicts and be ready for any unexpected situation. A certain amount of assertiveness is required because it is not possible every time to discuss with everyone before taking decisions. It is true that a leader needs a level of assertiveness to perform on all these levels. It is equally important to show some humility to your followers at all times, especially those who do not do so out of choice.

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Asserting with humility, a leadership trait you cannot ignore

Being humble does not mean you become passive and let everyone push you over. But a leader who cannot own up to his mistakes is not good either. Give others a chance to criticize you. After receiving the criticism, you can analyze whether it is true or false and take corrective action or drop it. Most of the problems between people arise due to their ego. A leader who can handle his or her own ego can also help others handling theirs. This skill comes handy when one is trying to resolve a conflict.

Balance is the key to keep any kind of activity going. You need to be friendly with everyone so that they can seek your help when they need it. You also need to be stern when the need arises and take decisions boldly in spite of the opinions for your followers. Once you learn this art, you will be a leader in the true sense.

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Here are three action steps you can take today to improve your leadership skills:

1. Find the balance between humility and assertiveness

2. Give others a chance to criticize you, not only the official environment improves, but also it helps to enhance brand performance, apart from your personal gains

3. Be friendly, be there, whenever an employee needs you.

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