Fifty percent of your happiness level is genetic as well as hereditary, as the researchers are saying. Unfortunately, you cannot do a lot about that. Another 10 percent comes from your surrounding and circumstances such as, geography, family and health. That leaves more 40 percent in which you could really make your mark and I usually define it as the “Intentional Activities”.

It appears that the remaining portion of your internal happiness depends largely on the choices you do make regarding everything including your relationship, prioritization, competence level etc. Let us go through a true story.

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Hugh, An Industrious Mentalist

Some people balance their professional and personal life as well as responsibilities by the choices they make, and Hugh is one of them.

Being a professional mentalist, Hugh travels through the world around 8 months of the year, lecturing and counselling his large fan base. In addition to his career as a mentalist, he runs also his own company, the Hugh plumbing, a plumbing shop dedicated solely to plumbing business.

Mostly, Hugh manages the order and sales of his businesses online and his manager usually takes note of the accounts. In accession, he also runs a non-profit organization called the Maria Foundation, named after her daughter.

Of course, as a mentalist, Hugh endures an immense level of mental power, yet he has to maintain work and life properly for yielding an ultimate equilibrium and he has to take care of his teen daughter too, as he is divorced and he is taking care of her daughter from the very childhood. He alone is playing the role of both side of parents all alone for long.

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How did Hugh come up with a proper work life balance

When asked, how did he manage to perform all of this, he came up with a simple answer, making the right choices at the right time. When to cancel a counselling and sacrifice a client for the betterment of her child, he has to choose it quite often, as he cannot just leave his child to pass a lonely childhood.

Sometimes he has to choose between a mammoth business deal and her daughter’s happiness too. Yet, all along the way, Hugh made it quite clear that her daughter is the ultimate priority.

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To the bottom lines

All along the way, the fact was pretty simple, and it would be for you as well, if you could prioritize the facts. You have to understand what you want to get out of your life. To get the best out of life, sometimes, all businessman has to make sacrifices. What will it be for you? Family or work? It is entirely up to you. Yet, choosing family would provide morale support to run all along the way and to reach the blues of the skies. Choosing work instead family, might provide temporary support for your business, yet it is harmful for in the long run. So, what would it be? Family, life or work?

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