In these days, work life balance might seem to be a seismic shift that happens to occur very few times. As, technology is making the workers accessible around the clock, I am afraid that the very notion of work life balance is in grave danger.

As a matter of fact, around 94% working professionals reported that they have been working more than 50 hours per week, that is truly worrisome. Nearly half of them told that they have been working over 65 hours per week from time to time.

Work life balance might have meant different to every individual, yer here I am, a career expert and coach sharing tips to help you find the perfect balance between work and life.

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Tweaks for better work-life balance

  • Loose the grip of perfectionism 
  • Get to used to unplugging (from time to time)
  • Leave a little bit of space for exercise and meditation
  • Reduce the time-wasting activities and avoid time-wasting people
  • Try to change the shape and perspective of your life 
  • Divide everything in small pieces and build from there

Although perfectionism is an important thing, yet you have to let it go sometimes. When stresses are too much and there are burdens, you cannot carry, leave the staffs and try to accomplish whatever you can saving your inner space. It is important as if you do not save your inner space, it would cost your tomorrow’s work and a living day. 

There could not be any harm coming to your organization, if you unplug a little bit from time to time. It helps to regenerate strengths for the tomorrow’s fights and struggles. Leave a space in your daily routine for exercising and meditation, as these can come real handy to unfold your inner being. Avoid time-wasters, as it is needless to mention that time is money. 

Sometimes you may need to change the shape of your life a little bit, even if you do not want to change the pattern. It really helps to boost up the activity. Divide everything including working life and personal life in to small pieces and set them accordingly as those suit you.   

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30 Minutes Success Strategy for a Better Work Life BalanceRuth Dorsainville